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Tour of Valpariso
Jenny Explores Chile's Atacama Desert and Torres del Paine

The Vilafranca served a simple but delicious breakfast. The coffee was great! We were picked up for a day tour of Vina del Mar and Valpariso. It took just over an hour to arrive to the coast from Santiago. We had the same guide from our city tour! We were happy to see him again. We toured Valpariso, and artsy town on the coast. I loved this city and wanted to spend more time there. Then we ate a very filling lunch, then headed to Vina del Mar. Both cities are basically one large city, but they are very different from each other. Vina del Mar certainly had a more modern feel to it. We enjoyed dipping our feet into the cold Pacific Ocean before we headed back to the Santiago airport. It was sad to leave Chile -- but we will go back. Chile was a very impressive country. It is very modern and forward thinking, while keeping the old culture very much alive.