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French Valley
Patagonia - 2013

Today started with our group meeting for breakfast. The staff at Refugio Los Cuernos packed our lunches on bread that was made fresh. Our second day of trekking day was about to begin. We left around 8 am and we arrived at the Italian Campsite before noon. From here, part of the group took the trail through the French Valley and other part of the group continued the Mountain Lodge Paine Grande. The air was crisp and cool. The surroundings were amazing. We passed streams, waterfalls, and glaciers just to name a few. Upon arriving at the lodge we warmed ourselves near the wood burning stoves and waited for dinner. The lodge is located on Lake Pehoe, surrounded by a mountain range. The girls in our group shared a dorm room for six; three sets of bunk beds. Sleeping bags were provided to us from our guide. The electricity went off at about 3am and did not come back on until after 7am.