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Los Cuernos Pass
Patagonia - 2013

Today, our group met for breakfast. As instructed the night before, our stuff sacks were packed for the two day trek. Our first trekking day was about to begin. We left at 10 am and were expected to get to Refugio Los Cuernos before 3pm. Our guide told us that today's hike was ''easy'', being that it was one of the shorter hikes. From Eco camp, we started along the trail, crossing a bridge and passing a group of horses in a field. The trail has wonderful views over Lake Nordenskjold and the Patagonia mountains. Around noontime, we stopped for about thirty minutes to rest and have lunch. We stopped on a large rock, overlooking the lake. The surroundings were very peaceful. Today's hike may not be long, but the trail had numerous steep upgrades, in short intervals. Our group arrived at Refugio Los Cuernos just as it started to rain. After check in and a rest, dinner was served in the main cabin. The accommodations at the Refugio include tent camping, dorm rooms, and private cabins. Fortunately, my sister and I were able to stay in a private cabin. The cabins overlook the camp and lake and from the balcony you can see to the horizon.