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Onward to Patagonia!
Patagonia and More

This morning we flew from Buenos Aires to El Calafate which is on the western border of Argentina, near Chile and the beginning of our Patgonian adventure! It is a very nice little town and we enjoyed the afternoon exploring.

Later in the afternoon, we visited a local dog shelter which was founded by a woman (and now many others who help her) to save the ''town'' dogs from being killed by the local government. Apparently, there is an influx of residents during the tourist season who come to work, find dogs to keep them company while they are in town and then abandon them when they go home. This group collects these dogs, cleans them up, makes sure they are properly vaccinated and get them ready for adoption. The animals were clean and happy and, as we discovered, were very happy there. So happy, it seems, that several adoptions ''failed'' as the animals escaped their new homes to return to the shelter!!