In Buenos Aires
South America or bust

We arrive at a reasonably unsociable hour and that seems to be the norm for travel both to and from South America. A very sweet gentleman meets and delivers us to our Hotel. All I can focus on is his cracked windscreen and I later realise that this is the first of many. South America is hard on windscreens and Ian feels the need to explain the economic situation in Argentina. It's clear that his years in the Oil business have been a little complicated by South American political regimes, but there's no need to talk to me as if I'm a 10 year old.

Buenos Aires sits there like the Paris of this continent and yet it is so much more. The crowds, the heat and the vibrancy are almost like a wall that hits you as you step onto the streets. It's hard not to feel extremely English but it's best to just wade in and get on with it