All about the bling?

Our Peru tour started with a full free day in Lima. The first destination was the Larco Herrera Museum, of which we had heard many positive reviews from other travelers. Upon arriving, we found a beautiful landscaped colonial home with cobblestone walkways and dark color schemed exhibition rooms. The well-designed displays include language translation in almost every major language imaginable on mobile "take with you" cards.

Large pottery displays at the Larco Herrera Museum

Displays include information about early archeology efforts and excavation work, cultural periods and changes, and exhibit textiles, metals, ceramics and other handiwork dating back hundreds of years. One thing became obvious to me as I wandered the displays. These people had similar taste in fashion compared to our modern day culture. For them, the bigger the necklace, or nose ring, or earring, or headdress, the "cooler" they were. We saw some of the most elaborate jewelry and garments imaginable, ones that I would imagine were very heavy and uncomfortable to wear! The Museo Larco Herrera explains that these denoted status, and a certain level of importance amongst them in a social setting as well as during ceremonies.

Multiple displays of how they wore their bling

I just had to chuckle at the thought that really we are not that different today either. We still like our bling, just like they did. Perhaps in a few hundred years, someone will dig up my silver hoop earrings and decide I was an important person too. Or at least decide that I must have been in the cool crowd.

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