Amantani Homestay

Chris Stanford
Chris' host home
Allison De Jong
Enjoy the hospitality of the local people during your homestay on your Peru trip
Chris Stanford
Chris's host family on Amantani Island
Carol Thuerbach
Doing laundry, Amantani style
Allison De Jong
Explore the villages on Amantani Island
Mary Curry
Allison De Jong
Enjoy talking to your new \'siblings\' during your homestay
Local Amantani women making handicrafts
Kathy England
Luisa prepares lunch for us on Amantani Island
Chris Stanford
Dance on Amantani Island

Share in the hospitality of the Aymara Indians and experience a short day and night in their lives during your trip to Lake Titicaca. While traveling to Amantani Island, enjoy interacting with the local community whose roots date back to ancient cultures that settled in this area. Their hospitality opens a door to share with their families and offers a unique opportunity for an overnight homestay on Amantani Island.

Amantani Island is a quiet island known for its hilltop ruins that honor Pachamama and Pachatata (Mother and Father Earth). Upon arrival to this sun-washed island you will meet your host families whose generosity is apparent in their open arms (and open doors to their homes) and smiles.

Your host family will soon incorporate you into life as they know it, in an experience far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life. You will be drawn into their indigenous way of life and become a welcome participant into their daily lives. Watch your host mother cook breakfast in her small wood fired cucina, play volleyball with your host children, and participate in a colorful dance in the community hall this evening. You will have ample time to explore this historic island with your guide while sharing a short day in the lives of the Aymara.

Upon arrival to Amantani Island, you will be escorted to your the simple home of your host family. A welcome meal, traditionally quinoa soup, fried cheese and potatoes, will fuel your afternoons adventures. Enjoy a restful afternoon napping in your colorfully decorated private room, or if your lungs are up for the altitude, explore the islands with your guide. After another filling meal, another cultural experience awaits. Your host family will dress you in an array of colorful traditional outfits consisting of embroidered clothes and headgear before heading to the community hall. Dance the night away with your new family and friends while making unforgettable memories. Your simple bed with an abundance of warm layers will welcome you after your full day of new experiences.

A homestay on Amantani Island includes all meals prepared by your hospitable host family, private accommodation in a simple bedroom with twin beds and warm bedding, and shared bath facilities (no showers available). Electricity is not reliable so guests should prepare to have all cameras and batteries charged prior to arrival.