Spectacular (Holly Sitko)
Hotel view (Holly Sitko)
Hotel view
Cusco Main Square (Holly Sitko)
Cusco Main Square
Live music (Holly Sitko)
Live music
Dusk at Cusco (Holly Sitko)
Dusk at Cusco
Tiled hillside (Holly Sitko)
Tiled hillside
Stairs??? (Holly Sitko)
Finger puppets (Holly Sitko)
Finger puppets
Alpaca overload (Holly Sitko)
Alpaca overload
Pan flute player (Holly Sitko)
Pan flute player
Makayla Restaurant (Holly Sitko)
Makayla Restaurant
Another look (Holly Sitko)
Another look
Shadow view (Holly Sitko)
Shadow view
Urubamba Rafting Trip (Holly Sitko)
Urubamba Rafting Trip
Watch out! (Holly Sitko)
Watch out!
To Sacred Valley (Holly Sitko)
To Sacred Valley
Alpaca farm stop (Holly Sitko)
Alpaca farm stop
Pisaq (Holly Sitko)
Urubamba Valley (Holly Sitko)
Urubamba Valley
Princess chair (Holly Sitko)
Princess chair
Pisaq market (Holly Sitko)
Pisaq market
Grand view (Holly Sitko)
Grand view
Moray Inca Ruin (Holly Sitko)
Moray Inca Ruin
Kickn at Mora (Holly Sitko)
Kickn at Mora
Traffic Jam (Holly Sitko)
Traffic Jam
Maras Salt Pans (Holly Sitko)
Maras Salt Pans
Salt Pans (Holly Sitko)
Salt Pans
Got Salt? (Holly Sitko)
Got Salt?
Spiritual (Holly Sitko)
Ollantaytambo (Holly Sitko)
Have a seat (Holly Sitko)
Have a seat
Still runs (Holly Sitko)
Still runs
Start Inka Trail (Holly Sitko)
Start Inka Trail
Food Tent (Holly Sitko)
Food Tent
Easy so far (Holly Sitko)
Easy so far
Smile (Holly Sitko)
Next 3000 feet (Holly Sitko)
Next 3000 feet
From Inka Trail (Holly Sitko)
From Inka Trail
Im coming (Holly Sitko)
Im coming
Almost there (Holly Sitko)
Almost there
We made it! (Holly Sitko)
We made it!
Rain Forrest (Holly Sitko)
Rain Forrest
Inka Trail (Holly Sitko)
Inka Trail
Up there (Holly Sitko)
Up there
Incredible view (Holly Sitko)
Incredible view
Wilbur (Holly Sitko)
Wow (Holly Sitko)
Our group (Holly Sitko)
Our group
Winaywayna (Holly Sitko)
Resting place (Holly Sitko)
Resting place
Farming terraces (Holly Sitko)
Farming terraces
Window seat (Holly Sitko)
Window seat
Falls at Winaywayna (Holly Sitko)
Falls at Winaywayna
Wilbur tip (Holly Sitko)
Wilbur tip
Ahhh (Holly Sitko)
Sun Gate (Holly Sitko)
Sun Gate
Almost there (Holly Sitko)
Almost there
(Holly Sitko)
Theres Machupicchu (Holly Sitko)
Theres Machupicchu
Amazing (Holly Sitko)
From Waynapicchu (Holly Sitko)
From Waynapicchu
Up on Waynapicchu (Holly Sitko)
Up on Waynapicchu
I was here (Holly Sitko)
I was here
Big rocks (Holly Sitko)
Big rocks
More steps (Holly Sitko)
More steps
Three Windows (Holly Sitko)
Three Windows
So grand (Holly Sitko)
So grand
Symbolic (Holly Sitko)
Enter at own risk (Holly Sitko)
Enter at own risk
Can I stay? (Holly Sitko)
Can I stay?
Shapes (Holly Sitko)
Independence day (Holly Sitko)
Independence day
Hot Springs (Holly Sitko)
Hot Springs
Lima (Holly Sitko)
Lima walk (Holly Sitko)
Lima walk
Mi Amor Park (Holly Sitko)
Mi Amor Park
Holly Sitko
A Step or Two in Peru