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Arriving in Peru
Adventures in Peru: Lake Titicaca, Inca Trail and more

Flying anywhere from Montana is always a treat - I left my house at 4:30 am and flying from Missoula-Salt Lake-Atlanta-Lima, I finally arrived in Lima, Peru, by 11:30 pm. I was doing a slightly modified version of our Incas and Rainforest trip, and was extremely excited to finally arrive in the country and begin my Peru travel. After 6 months of coordinating Adventure Life trips to Peru, it felt dream-like to finally arrive in the place that I had talked about so much every day! Boris, our Lima transfer person, met me at the airport - there was certainly a mass throng of people that had converged at the international arrival gate. In true Peruvian style, it seems that entire extended families had shown up to greet one traveler. It took me a few minutes of searching before I finally spotted Boris with his Adventure Life sign - a welcoming sight!