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Day 1 of the trek
Cachiccata Trek and Machu Picchu

Up early. It was mothers day so Peggy got the royal treatment with a rose and confetti from Edwin. It was so exciting when we finally started to hike. We are in our glory.
Passed through Socma village. The day was warm and sunny and everyone was in such great spirits. Stopped for lunch at 12:30. We felt so spoiled as this was not the kind of of food we usually have camping. Augusta, our cook was a pro, he always served something different each meal. We stopped in Macurai village around 3:00 where we dropped off some school supplies and a soccer ball and volley ball at the local school. Stopped for the night at our first camp site at 4:20. We are now at 12,300 feet. So far we have had no trouble with the altitude.