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Arrival to Lima
Charmed and Amorous on the Machu Picchu by Train Tour

Upon arrival in Lima, we were greeted by thousands of service persons clamoring for our taxi fare. Ever the obedient traveler, as instructed in our Adventure Life Voyages (ALV) packet, I avoided the masses and proceeded out the door to my right, where we could easily see the Ramada Inn, our first night accommodations, just a few feet across the parking lot. My husband, not much the reader and really not very obedient either, entered the fray where he was misdirected out a far door. Luckily, he retreated and followed me, or we may never have made it out of the airport! Upon check in, we were urged to retreat to the lounge and indulge in a complimentary Pisco Sour, and Rex drank both his and mine. He was sick all night. Rex premedicated for Altitude Sickness, taking one Diamox that evening. I rolled the dice - Diamox is sulfa based and I am allergic to sulfa, so I was forced to rely only on Dexamethasone.