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Genovesa - Darwin Bay
Islands and Incas Adventure

Woke up today to a great breakfast and Darwin Bay on Genovesa. I dropped my camera right when we were boarded the zodiac and the zoom broke on deck...ugh! The rest of the time I had to use my underwater camera. Major bummer! Hiked around the island and there were tons of blue footed boobies and frigate birds. We actually saw a red footed boobie and Luis was beside himself. He said that it must be lost...it shouldn't be on that island! Birds are my phobia so, it took a lot to keep it together.

We went to 1 other island but, I forgot the name. It was really close to Genovesa though. It is like a bird haven! We actually saw this really unusual owl too so, the birders in the group were really excited. Lots of bats here...it was a little freaky. Got to see some of the iguanas here too.