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Sexy Woman??
Islands and Incas Adventure

We visted Saqsaywaman today and learned about how they believe the rocks/boulders were moved. Amazing! We also visted 2 other sites near here and I have forgotten their names. One of them had these really cool rocks on top and only during the vernal equinox or near it, can you see the shadows that look just like a tiger...very cool. The other one had something to do with water. It had these rocks that looked exactly like an arm outstretched with a hand and finger pointing to a snow capped mountain in the distance. We stopped at this lookout point and there were 2 women in traditional dress with alpacas. I took their photo and then they wanted a tip. I am horrible at math and just gave them a few coins from my camera bag. The older lady gave me a "hmmff". I didn't get it...when I got back on the bus, Margy asked how much I gave them and then she said it was like only a couple cents. Oops!