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To Machu Picchu
Jerome and Amy in Peru

We took the train to Aguas Calientes. Very interesting ride along the river. The climate went from dry to tropical along the way. After we checked in to the hotel, we took the bus up to Machu Picchu. It was a perfect day to be there - the weather alternated between clear skys, heavy fog, and rain. It was awesome to see the ruins in different weather. The views were outstanding - during the clear periods, we could see far off mountains with glaciers on them. We took a hike along an old trail to the Inca Bridge. I highly recommend it - unless you get vertigo. The trail went along sheer cliffs with drops that had to be several thousand feet. When Machu Picchu closed for the day we took a bus down the winding, switchbacked road. As we left, boys dressed in traditional Inca clothes would race the busses down by cutting the switchbacks. When they beat the bus down, they got on for tips. Amy stiffed him. For dinner I had alpaca - it tasted like Labrador Retriever.