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Miami airport
Machu Picchu by Train - 7 days...well 8! :)

Flight got there on time, but I had a good 7 hour layover. I think I spent some time sleeping, some time charging my phone, some time talking on the phone. I wish I would have paid attention to the time as I had not changed my clock. When I went to get breakfast (my clock said 9:10am), it was too late. All the breakfast places had stopped serving breakfast and it was then I wished airports had IHOPS. But they don't. I think other than catching up on this journal, nothing else majorly comes to my mind. Oh yes, I was very tired from the overnight flight from Lima to Miami and having to do a 7 hour layover was not fun, but hey, that's how it goes. I was very glad when it was time to board and to get home and use my own shower. :)