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Off to the Sacred Valley...
Manco Multisport + Peru Cuisine Tour

We decided to pass on the first morning's activities which included whitewater rafting and opted to sleep in a bit so that I could re-gain my strength. Around noon, we headed off to the Sacred Valley and our first stop, the town of Ollantaytambo. (A quick note to fellow traveler's that have car/motion sickness issues like me- the roads in and around the Sacred Valley are all VERY curvy - do yourself a favor and take a Dramamine every morning if you will be driving around that day and you will be fine!) Once there, we walked to the top to the Temple of the Sun and saw the beautiful views surrounding the area. That night we had a nice meal with our tour guide, Marco and discussed the following day's activities. We stayed at a lovely hotel called, El Sauce. We noticed that each hotel had been thoughtfully chosen by the staff at Adventure Life and that was much appreciated!