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finally arrived at Manu
Most Magnificent Pair: Manu and Machu Picchu

I'm now under the cozy mosquito netting listening to amazing frog calls and trying to write in candlelight, without the candle burning up the mosquito netting! What a full day! The howlers woke us up this morning howling! They are so loud! Left at 7am for the 5-hour boat ride to Manu Wildlife Center. Caimans and turtles and more birds --- pretty chilly wind but amazing to see how remote this place is. Then finally you arrive at a fancy lodge and bungalow. Great food here. Presentation is like in fancy restaurants. Took a 3-hr. walk this afternoon --- 2 more monkey species (spider and squirrel monkeys) and lots more birds. Seeing scarlet macaws fight this afternoon was amazing - so loud and so violent. Was amazing to hear the story that only 2 days before us, the group saw 3 non-contact people. All 3 were naked and had only strings holding up their penises. They have presumably almost never had any contact with modern civilization!! The rule now is that you are not allowed to have any contact with them. It's hard to believe that anywhere on earth can be this remote. Must go to sleep now - exhausted and need to get up at 4:30am tomorrow.