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Day Four - Mountain Biking
My Peruvian Adventure

We meet up with our mountain biking crew in the Ollantaytambo's main square and then begin the drive up to Malaga Pass. The views of Victoria and Wakaywillca Peak along the way were incredible. We stopped and got on our bikes just past the top of the pass (almost 14,000 feet). It was a fabulous ride. The weather was perfect and the scenery beautiful – more than once I almost crashed because I was looking at the view rather than where I was going! They are still building the road, so it had no traffic and was perfect for biking. The first part is finished with a nice, new pavement. The second half is still under construction, so we had to deal with a bumpy, muddy, road, mud and dodge construction crews. A word of warning to those who might take this trip: wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. By the end of the ride we all had backsides covered in mud!