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Our Trip to Peru & Mantay Shelter

Every segment of our trip was top-notch. The weather was great, along with the food, the tours, the lodging, the transportation and the people. We made a stop at Mantay in Cusco to deliver peace pals and medical supplies. We were very impressed to learn that Adventure Life has a relationship with the shelter. Thanks to Milagros in Lima, we learned about the Mantay Shelter in Cusco. My friends and I knitted 26 peace pals to distribute to the mama and baby residents there. Mantay Shelter provides safety and education for abused teenage mothers and their children.After a break in and robbery of the computers and televisions, Adventure Life helped to heighten the brick wall and install electric protection around the shelter. It also helped to solve several plumbing problems in the bathroom. We all greatly appreciated having our own ''private'' tours. With just 4 of us, we could all fit into a van and could interact better with our guides. This kind of intimacy is not possible with a large group on a bus. We were able to stop for pictures and ask questions whenever we wanted to. Also we were able to drive to locations that a big tour bus could not reach, for instance the salt mines.Thanks to Adventure Life for giving us the opportunity to share with people in Peru.

babies with peace pals
Caryn Hanson
Tucked away in an obscure, isolated part of Cusco, Peru, is a little piece of heaven for girls who have known little peace in their young lives. No signs mark the location, only angels painted on …