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away they go
This Girl and That Guy Escape to Peru

CHECK OUT THIS GIRL AND THAT GUY: THE PREVIEW VIDEO! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UErR7QlL4E

This girl and that guy set the alarm clock for 8AM; however, they both were up and out of bed before the sun rose with as much excitement and glee as a child on Christmas Day. This girl spent the remaining few hours before embarking on their adventure reviewing her checklist, double checking their travel documents and burying her nose in their Peru Lonely Planet book. That guy was packing snacks and checking his email one last time (no technology allowed on this journey!). These two adventurers were ready for whatever was in store for them. When the clock struck 12(PM) this girl and that guy shrugged on their packs and headed to the train to Chicago O'Hare airport....

People don't take trips; trips take people. John Steinbeck