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Good-bye to Heath River and Hello to Sandoval Lake Lodge
Two 65-year-olds looking for Adventure! in Peru

While having coffee early this morning, the distinctive macaw call is nearby, and we see up close the Blue and Yellow Macaw! Minutes later, and our coffee getting cold, the lodge staff are all a twitter -- there are moneys all over the grounds eating fruit in nearby trees. The Brown Capuchin, Squirrel Monkeys, and many of the small Saddleback Tamarin who put on quite a show, making dare-devil leaps from tree to tree -- right over our heads!

After all the excitement before breakfast, we pack up and are heading to Sandoval Lake Lodge, the last stop in our Adventure Life.

At the lake, our wooden canoe is being paddled by one man, Alajo. Along the way, we see an Ogami Heron -- ''most beautiful'' says Pepe. And another monkey show from the Squirrels.

As the sun sets, with a glass of wine! The birds are unbelievably rackety as they roost for the night. Our favorite was the flock of Hoatzin (who look like chickens on a bad hair day!)