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Travel along the Inca Valley
Young at Heart Adventuring

We learn that tomorrow will be a strike day, these days are set up way in advance, stopping traffic on different roadways, so we will be flexible. Marco has changed some of our travel from tomorrow for today, so we embark on our journey into the Inca valley up to Chinchero which stands at 13,000 feet. At this ancient town we can see the stone walls built by the Incas used as the foundation for the homes and courtyards of today. As we walk down the lane, we pass a young girl who Marco engages in conversation, she is going shopping and shows us the courtyard within the gate. At the craft shop we are shown how the sheep wool is cleaned and dyed using plants and various roots in boiling water. The colors used and blended are bright and beautiful and it isn't just to support the local vendors that we all carry away bags of woven shawls, blankets and sweaters.

After picnicking along the way, we travel further to see the ruins at Moray. These huge circular terraces are thought to be experimental agricultural sites, there is also an amphitheater. We are amazed at how quickly this advanced civilization flourished and then just as quickly faded. There are surely implications here for our own culture.