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What do you want to do today?
Young at Heart Adventuring

This morning we have time to explore the town, take a hike or return to Machu Picchu, it is sunny and warm. Chuck goes up to the mountain, I hike and bird watch and explore. There are feeding stations for the birds, but they are eye-dropping observation sites for me. We have only one kind of hummingbird in Wisconsin, in South America, there are 238 different kinds of hummers! There are so many birds, from parrots to barbets to toucans and the most beautiful of all, the Andean Cock of the Rock. I meander and watch and realize it is a lovely way for me to end our time here.

We gather at our now favorite restaurant, the Indio Feliz, share more tales of sights seen and depart for Cusco. Our time here is not at an end, however, we have yet one more treat in store. As we travel along the Inca valley to Cusco, we are surrounded by the beauty of the snow covered Andes mountains. There is not a town in sight, only the vastness of the mountain landscape. It is a humbling place.