Paracas and Nazca

Charles Anderson
Hummingbird, Nazca Lines
Mary Curry
Harold Greig
Chauchulla mummy
Harold Greig
Pisco city hall
Charles Anderson
Spider, Nazca Lines
Mary Curry
Harold Greig
Nasca astronaut
Visit the small town of Paracas where desert literally meets the ocean. On the following day, you will visit Paracas National Reserve and the Islas Ballestas where you will view a variety of sea birds and sea lions that make their home there. The Paracas Reserve has one of the highest concentration of marine birds in the world. Then it is on to Nazca, where you can choose to take an early morning over-flight of the mysterious Nazca Lines that were etched into the desert many years before the Incas ruled.

Day 1

Bus to Paracas

Transfer out from Lima to Paracas on Royal Class bus lines. Paracas is a beach town where the desert meets the ocean. Transfer to your hotel and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the sands of southwestern Peru.

Day 2

Isla Ballestas and Paracas

Take a short bus ride to El Chaco, the beach and fishing village near Paracas village. Join a boat ride to explore the arches and caves of the islands that play home to thousands of sea birds. You will also see lounging and active sea lions. From here you will continue on to Paracas National Reserve, where you will view even more of the many species of sea birds that grace the area. Flamingos can often be viewed feeding in Paracas Bay. You will get an opportunity to visit the fishing village of Launillas and the Paracas museum. Transfer to Nazca by Royal Class bus lines and by private vehicle to your hotel.

Day 3

  • Breakfast

Nazca Lines. Return to Lima

You may take the option of the flight over the Nazca Lines or wait for the others on the ground. These mysterious lines date back to the Nazca period, between 900 BC and 600 AD. The images of the monkey, hummingbird and lizard are so large that they can only be fully viewed from the air. From here you will go to Cauchillas Cemetery where countless mummies are preserved in the desert. Pieces of cloth and ceramics, dating back to the time of the Nazca culture, rest near each of the mummies. Transfer back to Lima with a 8 hour bus ride, and then transfer to your hotel or the airport. Alternatively, travelers can continue from Nazca to Arequipa by overnight bus.

Tour Cost
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$141 single supplement
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  • 2 Breakfasts
  • 2 Nights Accommodations
    • 2 Nights Hotel
  • 2 Days Private Guide Service
  • 1 Day Locally Hosted Guide Service


  • Both International Arrival and Departure Transfers are excluded.
  • International Flights

Recommended Budgeting

  • $60 Meals not Included
  • $33 Airport Departure Tax
  • $90 Optional Excursions
    • $70-$90 for Nazca fly-over