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Travel to Peru and experience ancient ruins, ancient traditions, and ancient jungle! Plan your Peru tour to trek the Inca Trail, wander the charming Cusco markets, and explore the steamy Amazon rainforest. If Machu Picchu tours sound too arduous on foot, no problem! Machu Picchu travel can also be done by train. These Peru tours present the dramatic visage of the Inca ruins and the friendly faces of the Inca descendants. You'll be confronted with exotic flora and fauna in the verdant cloudforest, as well as the snowcapped mountains that tower like the ancients of old over the Sacred Valley. Your Peru travel experience will illuminate the dynamic culture, history, and landscape of the Andes and Amazon!





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Canoe up the Amazon on your small ship cruise
Amazon Encounter
Sail the legendary Amazon river on this 5-day luxury cruise. Encounter the local and remote villages which line the river and search for the mysterious pink river dolphin which lives between its shores. This Amazon cruise treats travelers to an exciting …
  • 5 days
  • $4494 - $4708 USD
Wildlife Watching, Luxury & Indulgence, Light Hiking, Expedition Cruises
South America, Peru, Amazon, Iquitos
Machu Picchu Clouds
South America Grand Tour
This epic 34-day South America tour begins in Ecuador and crosses the continent ending in Chile. Swim with sea lions on a Galapagos cruise, experience the wilds of the Amazon, and visit the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu. Explore the dynamic cities of …
  • 34 days
  • $13195 USD
Beaches, Biking, Culinary, Cultural Immersion, Expedition Cruises, History, Kayaking, Light Hiking, Multisport, Snorkeling, Wildlife Watching
South America, South Pacific, Galapagos, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Easter Island, Argentina, Patagonia, …
$280 OFF
An old lighthouse on Curacao
Curacao to Callao
When Le Boréal charts a course south to sail along the Pacific Coast of the South American continent, a unique adventure awaits you. From Netherlands Antilles to Colombia, via Ecuador and Peru, you will discover exceptional sites within a pristine …
  • 10 days
  • $4784 - $12628 USD
Le Boreal (CDP)
Expedition Cruises, Light Hiking, Luxury & Indulgence
Caribbean, South America, Central America, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Curacao, Colombia, Cartagena, Callao, …
$280 OFF
Peruvian countryside
From Peru to Chile
This unique 9-day voyage takes you south the Pacific Coast of the South American continent. On the way, fall in love with Matarani, a fishing port isolated between the desert and the mountains. Discover the ancient city of Arequipa, nestled at the heart …
  • 9 days
  • $3400 - $11200 USD
Le Boreal (CDP)
Luxury & Indulgence, History, Expedition Cruises, Cultural Immersion
South America, Chile, Peru, Valparaiso, Arica, Matarani, Callao
A pair of scarlet macaws
Amazon & Peruvian Highlands
Explore Peru on this 14-day Amazon and Peru cruise and land tour! Begin in Lima and fly to Iquitos to meet your ship, La Estrella Amazonica, and set sail on this mightly and legendary river. Visit remote villages and interact with the locals who live …
  • 14 days
  • $8980 - $9980 USD
La Estrella Amazonica
Wildlife Watching, River Cruises, Light Hiking, Cultural Immersion
South America, Peru, Amazon, Lima, Puno, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Uros Islands, Iquitos
See the Amazon by riverboat excursions
Upper Amazon Expedition
There seems to be a pulse to the Amazon - a kind of undercurrent. Inky waters lined with klayers of green forest that at once relax and invigorate. Wild bird calls echo in the air, while clamoring monkeys shake leafy branches. Join the luxurious Delfin …
  • 10 days
  • $5990 - $7460 USD
Delfin II
Wildlife Watching, River Cruises, Luxury & Indulgence, Light Hiking, Kayaking
South America, Peru, Amazon, Lima, Iquitos, Nauta
A Green Sea Turtle swimming around the reefs.
Galapagos Explorer + Peru's Land of the Incas
Link your 9-day ship-based Galápagos adventure to a land-based exploration of the archaeological wonders of Machu Picchu and the cultural wonders of Inca Peru, historic and modern. You make the most of your travel time, and our team makes the transition …
  • 16 days
  • $10380 - $16310 USD
Wildlife Watching, Snorkeling, Light Hiking, Kayaking, History, Expedition Cruises
South America, Galapagos, Peru, Ecuador, Bartolome, Santa Cruz Island, Fernandina, Isabela, Santiago, Floreana, …