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Day 12: Wildlife in the Park
Argentina-Chile-Brazil Custom Trip

• Due to bad weather, yet again, we did not do the 8 hours hike to the base of the Torres. Instead, we did a van trip and 3 hours hike to observe the local wildlife, including guanaco, foxes, nandus (Patagonean Rhea), condors and Patagonian flamingo. One of the girls in the group saw a puma, however, by the time the van stopped and backed off the puma started to move away. Natan and the guide were the only ones who were lucky enough to see its back. The group spread around climbing on the hills for a chance to encounter the puma again but to no avail. With the day progressing, the weather started to clear, enabling better views, although from a distance, of the Torres. We will never know whether Option A (hike to the Torres) was better than option B (wildlife observation) or vice versa.
• Dinner today for the great finale was reasonable.