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Galapagos, Machu Picchu II SCA Hikers

We all experience the effects of a modified catamaran hull. Seems Millenium was too heavy and sat too low in the water so they had to add pontoons below the pontoons. As a result it is somewhat unstable and on the Crossing from San Cristobal to Espanola, more than half of our folks got seasick. But they were all ready to go next day to see the Albatross runway.

Marilyn, lead the group in aerobic exercise and stretching. She is an instructor at Sun City Anthem and other athletic clubs here in Henderson.

At Punta Suarez we encountered the Albatross, Boobies, marine iguanas, lava lizard, hood mockingbird, frigate birds, red billed tropic birds and galapagos hawk.
A nice 2.5 hour outing.