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The Rookery
Our Amazing Trip to the Falkland Islands

After we arrived on Saunders Island and got settled in, our host Susan drove five of us to The Rookery. This was our first time seeing the black-browed albatross. They were such neat birds, and made really beautiful sounds too. Many were sitting on eggs or brand-new hatchlings that we would occasionally get a glimpse of, if we were patient.

A little bit more of a hike and we made it to the ultimate Rockhopper Penguin destination. There must have been thousands of individuals nesting and making the journey back and forth to the water for food. What a wonderful sight. No still photo could really do it justice and I was glad to have brought my video camera. I was content to climb a small hill and look down on the melee below. Lots of penguins, always on the go, always hopping.

When Susan, our host, came to retrieve us at the appointed time that afternoon it felt as if the afternoon had flown by.