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Volunteer Point
Our Amazing Trip to the Falkland Islands

Today was an all day trip to Volunteer Point, a little beach situated probably only twenty miles from Stanley as the crow flies. However, the only overland route has very little in the way of marked paths, it was mostly driving though fields and rocks at a very slow pace. This meant it took a two and half journey to arrive there. I had expected to be bored on the way but our driver was excellent. He had a great since of humor and told us a lot about life on the island. He lived in the Falklands during the conflict with Argentina - the Argentinians actually took over his house - so his first-hand stories were really interesting and enlightening. He made the drive go by incredibly quickly.

Volunteer Point is also must-do in the Falklands. There is a very large colony of King Penguins there year round. When we arrived there was also some brown juveniles. Many of the adults were experiencing their annual catastrophic molt and could not go into the water until all their new feathers grew in. There were some places were the ground was so covered in white it looked like snow.

There is a nice shelter the staff has built at the point which has education material, toilets, and a gas stove for taking breaks from the elements and eating the bagged lunches packed by your hotel. Another great day!