Do Carbon Offsets Do More Damage Than Good?

Mike Guzman, National Geographic magazines My Shot Mike Guzman, National Geographic magazine's My Shot

For the past few years, I have heard lots of news about carbon offsets and we have had lots of discussion within the office about carbon offsetting. I've skeptical of the usefulness and so we have never offered carbon offsets to our clients. To me, it seemed as if the threats facing the pristine forests of the Amazon, the fragile wildlife of the Galapagos and the wonderful indigenous cultures of the Andes are more immediate than global warming. I am very concerned about global warming, but I feel it is Adventure Life's responsibility to work to save the wonderful places we visit from the most pressing threats.

Recently, I came across an article on National Geographic's Green Guide regarding this topic. This quote sums up the article pretty well: Opinion is divided, but many scientists now believe carbon credit schemes (where carbon dioxide emissions are offset using techniques such as planting trees) do more damage than good.

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