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Where should our Student Group Go?

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Where Should We Go?

If you are still undecided about where to travel, here are a few suggestions to get you started based on the interests/ goals of your trip

Cultural Trips
These trips are a great choice for history, anthropology, archaeology classes as well as any general groups that are interested in a cultural immersion experience.

Belize Explorer 6-8 day
Machu Picchu by Train 7 day
Falkland Islands Life 8 day
Guatemala Explorer 9 day
Bolivian Backroads 11 day

Nature and Wildlife Tours
These trips are ideal for biology, forestry, geology, and ecology classes.

Galapagos 7-10 days
Sacha Lodge Amazon Tour 7 day
Turtles and Rainforest 8 day
Atacama Desert 4-6 days
Falkland Islands Wildlife 8 day

Multisport Tours
These trips can be a fun choice for travelers of a variety of ages and abilities. They provide a variety of active, multi-sport adventures that are generally suitable for travelers without a lot of prior experience in any single activity.

Adventure Pacifica 9 day
Galapagos Multisport 9 day
Mayan Multisport 8 day
Ecuador Adventure 9 day

Trekking Tours
Argentina Glacier Adventure 8 day
Cachiccata Trek 10 day
Pure Patagonia 8 day

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