Any excuse to have FUN!

April Fool's Day at the Adventure Life office

We like to have fun at our office, so April Fool's Day provided yet another excuse to do just that.  Our General Manager, Jonathan, came into the office today only to find a stapler, scissors, and mouse encased in JELLO!  (Disclosure:  These were broken office useful items were sacrificed for the prank.)

General Manager, Jonathan, found his stapler, mouse, and scissors in JELLO

Monika, our Marketing Director, came into an office covered in gift wrap and Post It notes.  Not only is it April Fool's Day for Monika, but it is also her BIRTHDAY!  Therefore, the surprises might not be over for her....  After unwrapping her way to her desk, I snapped this photo of her.

Monika's office was covered in gift wrap and Post Its on April Fool's Day

The best part about all of this is that anyone who was "fooled" was such a good sport about it.  We truly have the greatest office ever!