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Adlifers check out the newest dance craze: Oula!

Lined up nicelyLined up nicely (Lynessa Nelson)
Our Oula instructor: Carrie!
Mary is a seasoned Oula veteran
Here we go!
Having fun!
Stretching out!
We invited Carrie from Missoula's own Oula Fitness to teach an Oula class for some of us at Adventure Life! It was a fun class and we can't wait to do it again! If you haven't heard of oula, I'd describe it as a class that merges Zumba and Top 40 or hip hop dance. And it was created in our own backyard here in Missoula, MT. Trip Planner, Mary Curry, first recommended the dance class to us as a fun way for staff to break up the day and relieve some stress as work. Great idea! We try to stay healthy and encourage good lifestyle practices for our staff at Adventure Life. These fun and upbeat classes were a great fit for us! If you want to learn more about Oula, visit www.oulafitness.com