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Exploring Puerto Viejo
Costa Rica Here I Come!

We woke up to the rain, still falling from the night before, so we relaxed, had breakfast, and decided to just go for a walk after the rain stopped. We walked away from Puerto Viejo, towards Panama, along the road. After about half a mile or so, we found a trail down to the beach and kept walking south along the beach. The beach was empty, other than a few people we passed along the way, and even though it rained a bit, it was the perfect walk. We were starting to get a little hungry and finally found a trail back out to the road. We immediately found a little open-air restaurant that looked like it would have great food. I grabbed a menu from the counter, and realized that it was Selvin's, a wonderful little place that a friend had recommended. We both ordered a red snapper plate and a beer. It was the best meal we have had on our trip so far, and it was only $6 each! We walked back along the beach, and got back to Cariblue late in the afternoon. I had spotted an Argentine restaurant the night before, called Patagonia, which was owned by a couple from Argentina. We decided to head back into town and eat there. It was this little place with a traditional open Argentine grill, and it was spectacular! After dinner we walked around town a bit, ended up watching this horrible band playing Bob Marley covers. After 20 minutes, we ended up moving and hanging out at a little bar that was right on the beach. We were surrounded by tourists, but it was a fun place to spend the evening, listening to more Bob Marley (the real thing this time) and watching the tourists hang out on the beach.