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Exploring Quito
Ecuador and Galapagos 2009

We rise today and begin our exploration of Quito. Our guide, Daniel, picks us up at 9 AM and we head to the old town district. He takes us to the main square in Quito, where a worker's protest is occurring. We explore the main cathedral and various fun spots in the city. He head to Betty's house and the Adventure Life Ecuador office for a special lunch (thanks, Betty!) and then we're off again, to the Middle of the World monument, where we balance eggs on the heads of nails. Finally we drove to the Pululahua Reserve where we can observed the volcanic crater of the extinct Pululahua Volcano. Today, there are indigenous families that live in the crater and farm the rich soil. I wish that we had more time to hike down to the bottom of the crater, but after the day's events, we're tired!

We return to Hotel Eugenia and explore the city of Quito on foot by ourselves. We find an overpriced, but delicious, Italian restaurant and enjoy homemade pesto and Argentinian wine. Tomorrow, we're off to the Galapagos!