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Exlpore Buenos Aires
From Montana to the End of the World!

After more than 24 hours of flying, my friend Frankie and I finally arrived in Buenos Aires. Sadly, our luggage never made it out of Denver, so we were stuck with the clothes on our back and the few things we had in our daypacks. Our flight was a few hours late getting out of the states, so by the time we arrived, we had already missed our city tour. I called our local office to let them know we were late, and we got a taxi at the taxi stand and headed into the city. Once we got checked into the Park Chateau Kempinski in the Recoleta district, we got out and wandered around the city. We walked and walked, seeing as much as we could with our free afternoon. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, the people so nice, and we both felt really comfortable walking around. After dinner we crashed hard in our comfortable room.