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Grey Glacier
From Montana to the End of the World!

After a good night sleep, we woke to a hot breakfast, made our lunches and headed off to the other end of the park. We had all morning to explore along the way to the Grey Glacier. We hiked to a high overlook where we could see the whole park. It was a beautiful day, but there were clouds all around the cuernos and the towers. The clouds parted for a few minutes, just enough to get some pictures. Armando was born and raised in Patagonia. You could really tell how much he loved his home and how much it meant to hom to be able to share Patagonia with us. In the afternoon, we all boarded a boat that took us to the end of Lago Grey, and approached the Grey Glacier. The glacier was such an incredible blue! I saw a few people I had met on the Mare Australis on the Grey Glacier excursion. They were staying at one of the lodges in the park, and were also having a great time.