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Torres del Paine
From Montana to the End of the World!

Today we rose early to get ready for the hike up to the towers. Unfortunately, it had snowed in the night, and Armando thought it would be too dangerous to try to hike on the wet and snowy rocks. I was pretty disappointed, but considering how cloudy and cold it was, there was a good chance we would have hiked up all that way to see nothing. Instead, today we went to some other parts of the park, did some short hikes, and saw a few more waterfalls and lakes. Around mid-morning, Armando spotted some birds circling around overhead. He got really excited, thinking that perhaps there had been a puma kill the night before. Since the birds were around, he explained that the puma was probably gone, but we were going to go looking just in case. It was in fact gone, and we found what the birds were after -- a small guanaco. We kept seeing packs of guanacos, all looking quite skiddish from the night before. Even though we couldn't do the hike to the towers, today was a pretty fun and exciting day. I really feel like I saw a lot of the park in just two days, and next time I come back, I definitely want to do the W hike!