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Returning to Puno
Multisport Peru 2010

We have breakfast with our host family on Amantani and meet the group back at the dock to depart the island. We spend several hours motoring back to Puno and have the afternoon free to ourselves. I have my heart set on buying the traditional hat I wore on the Uros Islands, but I can't find them anywhere. Local markets, tourist markets, street vendors, nothing! Chris, Ashley and I wander around Puno and find a HUGE local market. We buy every kind of street food we can find. Hey, it's the end of the trip and I haven't been sick once! Time to test my stomach yet again. As this is our last night in Peru, we head out for a nice dinner and see if we can't find ourselves some trouble. We find some in the form of a karaoke bar and sing some really horrible American songs before turning in for the night.