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Ticonata to Amantani Island

Ticonata Island
Ticonata Island
We wake up to blue sky again and take a short hike to the other side of the island, where there is a museum. Inside the museum ... mummies! Yes, mummies. While building the dock on Ticonata Island, a room of female mummies was found. They are very well preserved and have been moved to the museum to keep them that way. No one knows too much about them, but there are about 8 all together and they range in age from infants to adults. Why were they placed there? What was the purpose? It all seems very mysterious. Afterward, we get ready to leave Ticonata Island and sail to Amantani Island. Unfortunately, there really isn't much wind today. Not like yesterday! There are 3 of us to each little wooden sailboat and 2 Aymara guides. They ended up rowing almost the entire time - 2-3 hours of straight rowing. Que horible! We say goodbye to our Aymara rowers when we reach Amantani Island. At Amantani, we walk up to greet our host families. Ashley and I head off with the female head of the household and take a quick nap. It's been quite a trip already and I'm tired. After dinner, we hike to the top of the island, huffing and puffing from the altitude, to watch the sunset. We were the only travelers on Ticonata, but this is not the case with Amantani. There are bunches of other tourists on Amantani, all up at the top of the island to watch the sunset. After the sun sets, we go to a quick dancing festival similar to the one on Ticonata. It's cold on Amantani, but the family has plenty of blankets to keep us warm.

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