Galapagos Tours - Adventure Life Testimonials and Reviews

Darwin's Islands

Avis Kalafut (Darwin's Islands, Apr 2013)

Was very happy with the trip arrangements. As far as the trip itself, it was well planned. The guides and local staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. No complaints about accommodations. The cabin at Floreana was rather rustic, but that was to be expected on a rather remote island.

Kassandra was wonderful to deal with. She was always pleasant on the phone and answered all my questions in a timely manner. I was initially considering a specific itinerary and she pointed out that I might like a different one better. I took her advice and as time went on, I realized it how much it turned out to be the correct decision.

Guantanamera: Southeastern Islands

Sarah Clish (Galapagos Islands, May 2014)

The whole experience from beginning to end was exceptional. The crew on our boat were helpful, friendly and truly seemed to enjoy their work. Our guide, Javier, was fun, knowledgeable, patient and took pride in his work. And, all interactions with the US based team were great.