Estancia Guardia del Monte

Welcome to Estancia Guardia del Monte
The lush rural setting set in a UNESCO bioreserve
Enjoy one of the three comfortable rooms
Soak in the serene setting from the deck
Quaint nooks to enjoy the lush surroundings
Meticulously restored to its historic charm
Historic Estancia Guardia del Monte
Located on the edge of the lagoon, explore the abundant flora and fauna
Beautiful setting
Take a walk through the mature Ombue tree forest

Located in one of the most picturesque areas of Uruguay noted for its scenic beauty, visit Estancia Guardia Del Monte. This historic inn is surrounded by a wetland wildlife refuge which has been designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. This reserve includes important ecosystems such as the Laguna de Castillos, marshes, and native forests, which are among other significant grouping of species along with mature OmbĂș trees.

The estancia dates from around 1800 and has been meticulously preserved to ensure the colonial charm. It is a working sheep and cattle ranch which covers roughly 2,500 acres. Estancia Guardia del Monte is a paradise for those who visit and enjoy the charms of the estancia and discover the secrets of nature, its flora and fauna, and their stories and legends.

Estancia Amenities
In the historic ranch house guests will encounter rural facilities, large rooms, fireplaces and many touches with nature. Guests enjoy rural comforts, big halls, cozy fireplaces and many relaxing corners to get in contact with nature.

However the most important piece of it all is the personal attention that is given, making all guests at Estancia Guardia del Monte "at home."

Guests at Estancia Guardia del Monte will soon feel like family in one of the three simple rooms set around a courtyard, all with private facilities.

Daily Activities
Guests at Estancia Guardia del Monte enjoy guided tours exploring the appreciation of the native wildflowers, carriage rides, free rides and tours in open green spaces, observing birds in marshland and lake, boating, fishing or integrated into the daily farm labor.

A tour around the town hall is possible to explore its history. Each room and every corner may offer a surprise - from old stone walls, silent witnesses to the Spanish colony until the meeting with testimonies and objects from shipwrecks along the coast of Rocha.

Guests can enjoy walks along the paths of native forests to observe old ombĂșes with curious shapes and enigmatic curves, heavy five hundred year old crowns, and numerous species creating real living sculptures.