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Punta Arena to King George Island (Frei Station)

Jan 2nd Wednesday
Punta Arena to King George Island (Frei Station)
Woke up and started to get ready (the night before we were told to wear our snow gear).  After breakfast we headed for the bus and had a short trip to the airport.  This was the easiest check in, security event we’ve had.  We handed our luggage to the check-in counter person and no questions were asked and we handed our boarding pass (no passport inspection).  Security didn’t care is we took off shoes, pulled wires or computers out for them to examine.  The plane ride was very quick, and before we knew it they gave us the 20 minute warning to finish getting dress.  We put on our waterproof pants, while everyone around us put on their hats, scarves, jackets, and gloves.  (We finally put ours on after we landed and were waiting to get off.)  We got off the plane and the Chilean base station workers took over for Adventure Life.  They wanted us away from the plane as soon as possible and then wanted us to get into a single file line to march about 20 minutes in the snow to the bay  (Frei Station to Russian Station) to board our Zodiac that will take us to the Ocean Nova. We had a few penguins as a welcoming crew down by the Zodiacs.  Our first challenge was to get on the life vest – vey small jacket but the clasp is hard to work.  Left the base and boarded the ship.  They had a great buffet lunch for us and then it was time for the life boat drill.  We had to get back into our life vests!! Not any easier for Pam the second time.  They then had a penguin talk at 3:00, Pam made it for about 5 minutes before deciding she better head back to the cabin (sick- should have put on patch while in Punta Arenas.)

We (Glen, Kevin and Chris) had dinner while Pam slept.  After dinner there was a BBC documentary on spring in the Arctic’s. It portrayed the life cycles of most all the animals you would come across in the Arctic and Antarctic: Penguins, Albatrosses, Wolves, Elephant Seals, Polar Bears, Narwhals, Wooly Bear caterpillar, and others. 

End of a great 1st day at Antarctica

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