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Dog Sledding in Rovaniemi

Sled dogs
Sled dogs
Even though I've lived in Montana most of my life and have traveled to Alaska, I have never been dog sledding.  I love dogs, especially huskies, so I'm pretty excited about having the opportunity to spend a day on the snow with them.  After meeting my team, I get used to the feel of standing on the rails and I start to get nervous.  What if this is harder than I expect?  What if I fall off the rails and the dogs run off with the sled?  What if I run into the group in front of me and cause a dog fight between the teams?  I'm abruptly shaken out of my anxious thought cycle when the guides tell us it's time to mush!  And suddenly we are off and running --- fast!  Really fast.  For the first minute, I am convinced that all of my fears are founded and this is going to go really badly.  And then I realize this is what these dogs do.  They are professionals and no matter how much I try to mess this up, they are going to do just fine.  As soon as I let go of my fears, I start having a great time.  Surprisingly, this day becomes my favorite of the entire trip.  It feels more nature-based - less motorized.  I'm flying across the snow being propelled by these amazing dogs and at times I'm running along behind helping the team reach their goal.  It becomes team-work in its finest sense.  The landscapes rushing by are stunning, the sky is clear blue and the snow is shimmering in the sun.  Love. This. Sport.  Moving to Alaska?  Not yet :)

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