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The Sampo Icebreaker

The Sampo Icebreaker is on the classic winter tourist route in Lapland.  But it's on the route for a reason.  Busting through ice in the shipping channels is great fun.  Being on a ship so powerful is impressive.  The unique part of the experience comes when the ship stops in the ice and extends the gang plank.  Then, you walk out onto the ice to take pictures of the massive ship.  Finally, the crew fits you with survival suits and suggests that you daintily throw yourself into the water broken up by the ship.  Then you second guess the warmth of the survival suit for a split second before entering the water.  The suit is super buoyant, requiring literally no effort to stay safely on top of the water.  After returning to the ship, it’s time for lunch.  In typical Lappish fashion, that consists of a delectable seafood soup, homemade bread and salad.  An excursion worth every penny in my estimation!  

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