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Land of Colombia

Colombia coastlines lie along the west to the Pacific Ocean and north to the Caribbean Sea. To the northwest is Panama, to the east is Venezuela, to the south east is Brazil to the southwest is Peru and to the west is Ecuador.

Colombia contains five natural regions; the Andean region, the Caribbean Region, the Pacific Coastal Region, the Amazon Region and the Eastern Plains or Orinoquia Region named for the Orinoco River which crosses it.

The Caribbean Region is located in the north of the country along the Caribbean Sea. Within the boundaries of the Caribbean Region one notable landmark is the isolated mountain range Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta where the Tayrona National Park is located. Inland from the Caribbean Region is the Andean Region. West of the Andean region lies the Pacific Coast and to the east is the Orinoquia. The southern part of Colombia comprises the Amazon Region. Colombia’s government also claims territories and several islands including those of the San Andres Archipelago and Gorgona Island.

The beauty of the landscapes and natural features provide a perfect paradise for anyone seeking a Colombia adventure holiday. Outdoor pursuits like rafting, hiking and biking can be enjoyed in various regions within the country.

The Chicamocha River Canyon in Santander Department is one area with huge appeal for those on a Colombia tour. The Chicamocha River runs along the bottom of the canyon fault and is an ideal location for sports and adventure pursuits. The exhilaration of sports combined with the scenic beauty creates a wonderful sense of freedom; some of the joy of living that is so central to Colombian culture.

The Cauca River flows like a ribbon through the Cauca Valley with gently rising slopes either side of the water. The setting in this area is close to perfect. The nearby Rio Buey (Ox River) is a Mecca for Colombia rafting because of the waterfalls and class three, four and five rapids which offer up a challenge in a stunning setting for many Colombia adventurers.

Rafters often head to Suarez River in Santander for class five rapids and Suarez Canyon itself is ideal for biking and hiking. The colonial town of Barichara takes its name from a Guane Indian word meaning “a good spot for a rest” which visitors find very apt as they spend a well earned break absorbing the majestic vista of the Suarez Canyon and river below them. Close to Barichara is the town of Guane, accessed by the “Camino Real” trail and close by is the town of San Gil, known as the adventure sports capital of Colombia.

Other geographic highlights include Serrania de Las Baldias cloudforest and the Tequendama waterfall. Serrania de Las Baldias is a little known gem just outside Medellin. The trail here starts at over 3, 000 meters and the surrounding reserve is home to White-Tailed Hawks, Collared Incas, bromeliads and thousands of orchids including many rare species. Excellent views of the Central and Occidental Cordilleras are possible in this reserve.

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