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Why visit Mexico?

Mexico tours have the potential to be both relaxing and adventurous. A dream Mexico vacation can become a reality with the right Mexico tour or adventure. Mexico travel will move anyone to the same passion for this country as the citizens who gather every September on Independence Day and shout in unison; Viva Mexico!

Mexico is the southernmost country of North America. The official language is Spanish and the largest Spanish speaking population of the world is found in Mexico. Many indigenous languages and dialects such as Nahuatl are used also; particularly away from urban areas. The word Mexico originates from Mexica, the name for a people better known as the Aztecs. The majority of the Mexican population is mestizo; a mixture of European and Amerindian ancestry.

Mexico is a country where different traditions and cultures blend together and the history is steeped in both conquest and revolution. Mexico attracts millions of visitors every year on account of the culture, history, archaeology, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and exotic wildlife.

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