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Tico Cuisine

Joan Mccord

Costa Rican cuisine is simple and mildly spiced. Daily fare consists of maize tortillas and the national dish (Gallo Pinto) of fried rice and black beans. It is often eaten three times a day with variations of eggs, cheese, meat, or chicken, and chayote stew or salad at dinner. United States fast food is the popular lunchtime choice. Eat where the locals eat, they know where the food is tasty and trustworthy.

Costa Rica exports much of its seafood and, despite an extensive coastline; seafood within the country is expensive. Vegetables are not a large part of the diet and an inordinate amount of home cooking is fried.

There is no national drink, but Fresco de Frutas, fruit salad floating on kola and water is delicious. Guaro, nearly tasteless and potent is the alcoholic drink of choice.

Special occasion foods follow ethnic customs of the region.

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