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Honduras: Caribbean Living

Honduran culture is rich mix of indigenous, Garifuna, and mestizo traditions. About 6% of the population identifies with an indigenous group, the main ones being Lenca and Xicaques. Although native languages and some religious aspects have been lost through the centuries, many cultural traditions remain: dress, food, drink, and pottery are still important elements of life.

The Garifuna culture is very strong in Honduras. There are other Garifuna communities in Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and the island of Roatan. When their boat wrecked off the coast of the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, escaped African slaves found Yellow Caribs on the island, a group that originated from the intermarriages of Venezuelan Caribs and Arawak Indians. The Garifuna emerged from the intermixing of these three peoples. The Garifuna language is a derived from Arawak and Carib languages, and is still practiced today. Music is full of vibrant drum beats and combinations, and the punta is the traditional Garifuna dance.

Most of the population of Honduras is Roman Catholic, and Spanish is the national language. But there is a distinctly Caribbean feel to general Honduran culture, and some old religious traditions are still in practice. A Caribbean cruise to Honduras will provide a glimpse into the laid-back and colorful way of life in this Central America country.

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