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Tropical Wildlife

Tahiti’s most abundant wildlife is to be found under water. Its vast coral reefs are home to numerous schools of colorful tropical fish, reef sharks, rays dolphins, and countless other fascinating and beautiful invertebrates. Humpback whales occasionally make appearances off the coast as well. A Tahitian cruise may feature snorkeling or diving opportunities for the best viewing of this diverse underwater world.

The only mammals that remain on Tahiti today were brought over by Europeans, such as livestock animals. There are some feral animals, such as pigs and horses, which are descended from these first intruders, but Tahiti is otherwise devoid of large mammals.

Tahiti is home to large number of tropical bird species. The Tahiti Kingfisher and the Common Myna are some of the most likely birds to be sighted on the island. The Little Heron is attracted to the island’s freshwater rivers, and the Murphy Petrel may be seen nesting on the ground.

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